Launch of Runable Urban Project

Launch of
Urban Project


Runable is a non-profit initiative that aims to influence existing and future city planning. Using the power of local communities that adopted a healthy lifestyle the project emphasizes the importance of necessary infrastructure for the big city inhabitants.

Role —
Branding & Web
Design & Art Direction,
Concept Development

Team —
Antonina Nosko,
Alexander Shevchenko

Photographer & SMM:
Lusia Utkina

When I joined Runable they had already planned the launch and desperately needed help with visual communication. Despite the tight deadlines I managed to create a stunning visual language, templates for social media content and blog 1.0 for the launch day.

New visual language is distinctive enough to become recognizable and flexible at the same time to speak in different tones of voice.

Runable Logo
for Runable 👟

Running is good for your health. Yeah, I decided that logo will run like you should be. Just think about it for a sec, if the logo can run, you can do it too! Runable logo is a constant motivator 🏃‍🏃‍🏃‍🏃‍🏃‍

Race is Colorful so are We!

Things that don't really matter in running: age, race, religion, gender, nationality. Everyone can and should run. So what color should I use to attract: homies, workmates, grandmas, millennials? Exactly! Why limit yourself with one or two colors when I can create 200+ color combinations that will definitely attract diverse audience. 🎨

I spent half an hour online watching pictures of different marathons and guess what, I found the perfect color palette. It's runners apparel, their taste, confidence and comfort.

This is how we look on Social Media

You just can't pass by without paying attention. Real pics mixed with dynamic composition and typography, various color combinations help to set the right mood. The mood to run and transform your body and the city.

Let the Run Begin

The first urban running project is about bringing together the team of 10 runners who will run the New York City marathon this November in classic suits. Runable insists that running is easy and having no sports outfit isn't more then just an excuse.

Every fifth person in the world moves less than 25 minutes a day. I believe this is something that Runable can change. I only created a catchy poster and the team completed the rest bringing those 10 running ambassadors on board. 😉

Runable Blog 1.0

A central role is played by the runable logo that follows cursor path - fun & run experience. Move your mouse, move your feet. We can use color combinations to group posts by category, playful and minimalistic look doesn't distract you from reading running tips and stories.

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