Hi, hello and welcome stranger

Hi, hello and

Intro ——

This is About me, and it's about me — Denys Loveiko.

Quite a bunch of words is ahead, but it will lead you to understanding why I'm a perfect match for your company or project.

What I am
good at

I position myself as a Creative Director, but I'm always happy to craft ideas and visions with my Designer's hands I stand for a good human story, delivered in the most offbeat way.

My expertise is not limited to art direction branding campaigns motion and interactive design.

Who the hell
is Gāo Rén?

Before leading marketing communication and design in-house at couple of startups, I lived and worked in Asia for 5 years, where they called me Gāo Rén — 高人, "two level person" in Chinese.

Adding it to my experience in global advertising agency, I've been working with people of 46+ nationalities, delivering projects for clients from 4 continents and became The Best Young Creative Professional in Europe, 2013, according to Art Directors' Club Europe
kudos to copywriting goddess Tonya Nikishyna

And this global journey started from a small interior design firm in Ukraine, which I founded during obtaining a Master's degree in Art & Design.

How I approach
the project

I start every project with a research to work out the direction with the best chances to solve the brief.

I enhance it with strong narrative and conceptual grounding and present it, instead of misleading client with multiple variations for the sake of quantity. Then agreed direction is fine-tuned till it looks nice and feels right.

Want to know

By this time you've probably made up your mind about me. So, if it is positive or you have questions, drop me a line, and we can take it from here.

See ya