Challenging Soft Drinks Market with EST

Soft Drinks
Market with EST


EST Cola is a soft drink company from Thailand that was about to go to Malaysian market in 2015.

Role —
Concept Development,
Design & Art Direction,

Team —
Creative Director:
Theresa Chan
Geets Harrys
BeeLin Low
Project Manager:
SengFang Ho
Account Manager:
Jeffery Wong, Sammi Yeoh
Jolian Chew, Fui Teng Cho

Needless to say how hard it was to compete with market giants that have shined on the shelfs for the last 130 years. They are well-known, reputable and their marketing budgets allow to have it all. I couldn’t help myself of saying: The challenge accepted!!! 🤠

Inspired by the name, colors, taste, and knowledge that we were competing with giants we decided to act like a coolEST and boldEST kid in the block. A complete rebranding, user-generated lifestyle posters, stunning point of sales and clever use of merchandise, unexpected bite-size videos were delivered to celebrate the unique and playful spirit of EST Cola.

Pack-shot as the core of visual and verbal language, literally.

We placed the packshot at center stage and set a playful direction to introduce EST Cola to Malaysia. Customers were engaged to create their own shareable art using "new" language. As a result, the product becomes a part of the customer language. BTW this was a pitch that we successfully won 😉

Poster Generator

We built a simple online tool that allows everyone creates their EST. Just type your message, choose which social media to share at and voila [vaɪˈəʊlə], the tool will automatically crop the poster to fit media.

Emoji is worth a 💯000 words

To communicate the main benefits of the product we used the power of language one more time, but this time more visual.

Serve best with sound on

We created a series of unexpected bite-size videos to continue to celebrate the unique and playful spirit of EST Cola.

Create Your ESThibition

To promote the launch of EST Cola in Malaysia we created DIY camera obscura. If take pictures, do it EST way. Turn a can into a camera – we call it Photo-Can. Watch the youtube tutorial, participate in the photo contest and attend the exhibition to meet other creators and local celebrities.

Useful Merch

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03 YES Telecom Advertisement, Branding, Campaign
03 Runable City Branding, Website
04 Mindvalley Branding, Website
05 Sole What Branding, Website
06 Stealing Fire Branding, Website
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