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Print campaign
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Delo.UA is the Ukrainian business portal (included in the top 5 in its category), detailing the topics of important economic spheres, but at the same time paying attention to politics and social sphere.

Role —

Team —
Creative Director:
Tatiana Fedorenko
Art director:
Denys Savchenko
Volodymyr Navrotskyi, Sergey Artemenko
Account Manager:
Anna Olkhovets
Daria Skrybchenko, Maria Plotnikova

Awards —

The Epica Book 27, 2014

ADC*UA Awards 2013:
Grand Prix, Gold (Press), Gold (Advertising campaign)

Golden Drum 2013:
Silver (Direct Communication), Shortlist (Press, New or innovative)

Red Apple 2013:
Gold (Press), Gold (Craft)

Kyiv International Advertising Festival 2013:
Grand Prix (Marketing services projects), Gold (Creative use of media

- Media solution for print media, transportation, outdoor advertising),

Gold (Press), Bronze (Creative use of media - Non-traditional and ambient media)

White Square 2013:
Gold (Print)

Golden Hammer 2013:

KAKADU Awards 2013:
Shortlist (Press)

It’s quite difficult for a businessman to follow the latest news without getting lost in massive information flows. makes the life of a businessman easier by providing the most important business news in brief. We use a non-standard ad format, postage stamps, to emphasize the importance and briefness of every news story on the web site.

Each news story had its own stamp. A series of stamp/news were published in the press. We impressed our smart audience and inspired people to collect them. People began to generate a new free direct media! They started to use our stamps in correspondence thus sharing important news from

Creative use of media always brings good results, this case wasn't exception. We grew brand awareness x4, increased attendance by 300%.

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