Launch of the book "Stealing fire"

Launch of
the book
"Stealing fire"


Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work.

Role —
Branding & Illustrations
Design & Art Direction,
Front-end Dev

Team —
Colton Swab, Gavin Abeyratne
Colton Swab, Gavin Abeyratne

It's not enough to write a revolutionary book on personal growth to get recognition nowadays. Every year the number of personal growth books increases exponentially. Also, the usage of hard-sell digital marketing tools makes it even harder to stand out. The times have changed, and readers have too many options to choose from. You can't just leave your book on the shelf of a bookstore or upload it to Amazon and hope it becomes a best seller one day.

Mediocre, most often ugly design with all effort put on digital marketing strategies - this is the best way to describe personal growth industry standards. And that was my biggest concern when I received the invite to work on the launch of Stealing Fire book. Fortunately together with authors and talented marketing team we managed to break this pattern. We built a stunning landing page with design elements to create a pleasant consuming experience. Proper typography supported the excellent sales copy, colors and custom illustrations created the right mood.

In the beginning of this project all I had was only flat image of the book cover and full freedom and support from my team. Thanks to that close and effective collaboration we developed the visual language and user experience that helped Stealing Fire to become distinguished among thousands of books on personal growth.

As a result, the book was featured in Time, New York Times and became N.16 on Amazon Bestsellers list. The website showed really good conversion rate and the book awareness is continue growing.

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