Brand reboot for the largest Malaysian telco

Brand reboot
for the largest
Malaysian telco


In 2015 YES became a global front runner in 4G mobile network. Being a communications service provider with the biggest coverage in Malaysia Yes needed a powerful go-to-market strategy.

Agency —
alpha 245, Malaysia

Role —
Concept Development,
Art Direction & Design

Team —
Creative Director:
Theresa Chan, Kieneng Tan
Tim Yang, Geets Harrys
Milan Agnihotri
Account Manager:
Nizfaraz Noor, Karen Tan
Gabriel Chan, Jolian Chew, Pui Hun, Imma Bee

YES was well known as a broadband internet provider. We knew that getting a niche on the Malaysian mobile market would face serious competition with big players out there. The greatest challenge was to make users switch to the new YES 4G after 10 years of being with their regular providers.

Having conducted an in-depth analysis of the Malaysian mobile communication market we learned that most players offered similar value for money in terms of *unlimited internet, *wide coverage and *affordable prices. It suggested how to differentiate YES from the competitors: place emotions at center stage. Unlike others, YES didn’t position itself as a tech company. Something that consumers seemed to like and which led us to the idea for the new positioning.

Our work resulted in the revised brand strategy with the new brand positioning founded on YES's unique and emotional attitude to its users and communication as such. To reinforce this, we also developed a new visual identity including an updated logotype with the more contemporary look and feel along with new colors, typography, and imagery that all together convey the brand's human and emotional approach.

*This manifesto video was created for internal presentation purposes. All video footages were used as a reference only*

The WonderBox – Photo booth

The WonderBox Photobooth is a part of the internalization campaign to help induct employees into new brand speak. Placed in YES stores and at the HQ, employees can take sticker-mugshots of themselves that are generated in the YES SPECTRUM.

These mugshots replace the existing photo on their ID tags.

The Wonders
on the streets

We created the series of outdoor posters with prominent visuals and catchy headlines that led to unique offers crafted in brief form. Visuals immediately create the emotional bond, we used personas in the YES SPECTRUM to represent revealed potential with YES 4G LTE.

YES Wonderful Launch

We planned something special to introduce YES 4G to Malaysia.

*This video was used for internal purposes only*

Short ads, fast digesting

Based on data we knew what are the most popular channels among the Malaysians, so we created pre-roll ads on youtube that appear on particular channels.

The Wonder of Personality

Download the app, take 3 simple steps to create your own YES sim card design. Share, vote, comment and finally win. 100 winners will receive their YES sim cards with a small surprise inside 😉 May the best win.

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