Denys Loveiko

YES Telco Rebranding Pitch 2015

YES - the biggest Malaysian Telco entering mobile communication market. For this launch we created visual language, apps, TVC, social content, web and live experiences. This was the pitch work that we succesfully won.

Creative Director: Theresa Chan, Kieneng Tan
Art Director: Denys Loveiko
Copywriter: Tim Yang, Geets Harrys
Strategist: Milan Agnihotri
Account Manager: Nizfaraz Noor, Karen Tan
Designer: Denys Loveiko, Gabriel Chan, Jolian Chew

During the strategy building process it became clear that getting a niche on market will face serious competition with big players out there.

The vision was to create the most inspiring brand and to start playing a central role in rebooting Malaysian telco industry.

Idea + Logotype

Colors + Typofaces


Branding Identity

Manifesto for Internal Presentation


Launch Case Study for Internal Presentation

App for SIM Design

Custom SIM Design

Store Design