Denys Loveiko

EST Cola Lauch Pitch 2015

Inspired by the name "EST", can, colors, taste of the product and kowledge that we compete with "Coke" and "Pepsi" we decided to be a coolEST and boldEST kid in the block.

Some campaigns try to hide the pack-shot, we make it the core of visuals and messanging. With lifestyle posters featuring internet memes, bold typography, cool short videos - product become a part of the customer language.

Live your life on it's EST, live it EST way, live it to the fullEST.

We won this pitch succesfully.

Creative Director: Theresa Chan
Art Director: Denys Loveiko
Copywriter: Denys Loveiko, Geets Harrys
Account Manager: Sammi Yeoh, Karen Tan
Designer: Denys Loveiko


Visual / Language

Short Promo Video Example

Serve best with sound on

In store

Create Your EST

To promote the launch of EST Cola in Malaysia we created DIY camera obscura. If take pictures, do it EST way. Turn "can" into camera, we call it Photo-Can. Watch youtube tutorial, participate in photo contest and attend exhibition with celebs of course.