Denys Loveiko

Sole What Promo Web Experience 2015

A pitch work for Sole What - best kicks store in Malaysia. Bolder typography, richer imagery and of course interactivity. My goal was essentially to create a stronger experience where each featured product could stand out more on its own and users will have fun and spread the word.

Art Direction/Design: Denys Loveiko
Animation: Denys Loveiko

Dynamic Logo System

Use of the modular approach enabled the pages to be easy replicated & updated for new promos.

Product Page: Interactive Example 📹

Interactive tool encourages users to create unique ad poster of featured shoes and share the result in social media. Best ads get free kicks, the store grows organic trafic and reduces cost of promotions. Simple mechanic: type your message to trigger animation, press ENTER to share.

Social Media Examples 👾

Product Page: More Interactive Examples 📹

Outdoor Ads 🏡

Product Page: Details

Mobile Experience