Denys Loveiko

Mindvalley Web Experience 2016

Initiated and developed creative strategy, created new visual language, conceptualized and revamped website for Mindvalley — the publisher of transformational education courses with over 3 million students worldwide.

Visual, easy-to-navigate structure & human oriented design creates enjoyable journey across the website and deliveres advanced user experience.

Manager: Troy Allen
Copywriter: Tania Saufan
Project Manager: Siddharth Anantharam
Design, Art Direction: Denys Loveiko
Web Dev: Denys Loveiko

CSS REEL: Site Of The Day
Design Nominees: Site Of The Day
BEST CSS: Site Of The Day
CSS Light: Site Of The Day

Home Page: Transition Preview

Home Page: Covers

Inner Page

Move your mouse to interacte with particles

Website Preview

Mobile Experience

UI Animation

Option with Cinemagraph