Denys Loveiko

Mindvalley Univercity 2017

Why restrict college to a singular campus for 4 years? Using tools like Uber and AirBnB, travel and accommodations have never been easier. Plus there are so many amazing cities to explore on this gorgeous planet. Mindvalley moves to a different world class city every year so our students get to learn and grow from new cultures and experiences.

It’s a re-imagining of college, campus, curriculum and community for a new age.
We call it Mindvalley Univercity.

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This project was done in two weeks 😴

Copywriter: Vishen Lakhiani, Jason Campbell
Art Director/Designer: Denys Loveiko
Naming: Denys Loveiko
Web Dev: Denys Loveiko

Visual Language


Expanding meaning of traditional education and it's attributes

"Mindvalley univercity" name had a great feedback from first event attendees and will be fully implemented in Q4.

WEBGL Intro Interaction 📹

Landing Page Preview 📹

Mobile Screens